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Keep the air in your home clean with air filters and duct cleaning.

One of the concerns our residential customers have is the air quality within their home. Rocklin Heating & Air offers a full line of air filters to reduce the allergens in your residence.


From smoke, pet dander and dust mites, to pollen and other allergens, tiny particles are polluting the air inside our homes. But don’t worry: There’s an easy way to keep the air inside your home cleaner. It’s as simple as installing a new furnace filter every few months.

The statistics may be surprising: While 70 percent of Americans have forced air heating and/or central air in their homes, nearly 50 percent do not change the filter in their heating/AC unit every two to three months as recommended. And 10 percent have never replaced their air filter, even though indoor pollution levels in U.S. homes exceed levels of outdoor pollution by 2 to 100 times. 

What happens when we neglect our home’s heating/cooling systems in this way? A few things:

Clogged filters don’t allow air to flow as freely through them. This causes the heating system’s motor to run even harder to deliver the required air flow, which results in higher energy consumption and cost.
If filters become so clogged that no air can get through them, the air pressure within the heating/cooling system can cause the filters to “blow out” of their holding racks. This results in “bypass air” – when air flows around the filter instead of through it.
Bypass air is unfiltered air, so dangerous and annoying dust and particles are not being captured. Instead, they are re-circulated into the air you’re breathing.
Bypass air can also cause “fouling” of the coils and fans inside the system, which reduces airflow through the system and reduces heat transfer in the coils. All of this can add up to additional maintenance headaches and a significant increase in energy costs.

Many medical and health organizations recommend air filtration in the home to help prevent and protect against airborne allergens and promote respiratory health. And regular filter change-outs are crucial to avoiding the problems listed above. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for change-outs, but keep in mind that if your home has allergy or asthma sufferers, elderly or infant family members, or people with compromised immunity systems, you may want to increase that frequency.