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Residential Service 

      For $89.00 Rancho Murieta Heating & Air offers a preventative maintenance service that will improve  

       efficiency & help keep your system in proper working condition for the upcoming season

       Twenty Point Maintenance Inspection

  1. Check crankcase heater for proper operation.
  2. Check compressor starter for damage or excessive arcing.
  3. Check for proper refrigerant charge.
  4. Inspect overflow drain pans for standing water and/or leaks.
  5. Blow out condensate drain lines to prevent leaks.
  6. Lubricate and check condenser fan motor for proper amperage..
  7. Inspect all electrical wiring and tightness of connections.
  8. Inspect starting and running capacitors for proper operations.
  9. Verify proper voltage and balance at compressor.
  10. Inspect Thermostat and tighten connections.
  11. Check blower motor for proper amperage.
  12. Lubricate blower motor (If Applicable) and inspect bearings.
  13. Check for flame roll-out and proper sequence.
  14. Check pilot and pilot safety on heater.
  15. Check insulation on all refrigeration piping.
  16. Inspect air ducting for proper flow/leakage.
  17. Check for air leaks through section panels.
  18. Inspect and tighten electrical connections.
  19. Inspect Evaporator coil for proper air flow and efficiency. (Visual and temperature splits)
  20. Inspect air filters for cleanliness and bypass air. (Protects indoor coils from dirt accumulation)

Our unconditional guarantee includes a waiver of the service call charge should your system fail to operate properly within one year of the performed maintenance.

System Refurbishment Includes a complete inspection as referenced above plus:
Scrape clean and paint rust spots.
Condenser and evaporator coil cleaning. (Subject to accessibility)
 Replacement of compressor starter and any burnt or frayed wires.
Outdoor suction line insulation wrap.

Why Preventative Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner?

Preventative maintenance on an air conditioner is the single best thing a homeowner can do to extend the life and efficiency of their system. Rancho Murieta Heating and Air recommends a full system check out and service each year. Maintaining the heating and cooling units in your home regularly will extend the life of your heating and air conditioning system and also reduce the amount of energy it takes to use the system. Clean central air conditioning systems will keep your utility bills at a minimum and also make an impact on the overall health of your home. For more information on Rancho Murieta Heating and Air maintenance agreements, please contact us.

   Our Services Include:
   Service and Repair on all makes and models 

  • Heat pumps
  • Gas Heat systems 
  • Straight Electric systems
  • Mini-split AC systems
  • We can repair motors, compressors and any type of coil.
  • Air Duct design and repair
  • Air Balancing
  • Financing and payment options
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Total system cleaning services